Andrea Stultiens - Netherlands

Somehow I am not completely at ease with calling myself a photographer. Instead I describe myself as someone doing things with photographs. I make them, collect them, look at them, think and write about them. Sometimes I make the results of this visible for the rest of the world online, in books or in exhibitions. All of this is aimed at telling relevant stories about the way we deal with the world, while it is also a continuing research into how we represent ourselves and that same world in photographs.

When I realized that my photographs are only one take on the world, that is female, of a certain time and place, with eyes on about 1.6meters high, I started to work with archival material. Images that I found added other dimensions in time and perspective to the photographs I made. At the moment my work often starts with an existing collection of photographs, or at least an existing story that I try to tell by editing and adding to what is already there.

The work I do focusses at the moment on urban areas in transition (in the US and the Netherlands), and on the production of alternative version of the representation of Ugandan history.

In the album you find images that are on my mind, photographs that are part of a not yet described project, and documentation of exhibitions. All photographs in the album and project section are available as prints. Books can be ordered through me or the respective publishers. Don't hesitate to contact me with questions, and please also check out the links to what others said about my work and to photographers that I admire and that I cannot avoid being influenced by.

Next to the mostly self-initiated projects that I do I also teach at the BFA programs of Academy Minerva in Groningen, and the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague.