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Celebrating a Culture of Cultures


Nurturing creativity
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Creating spaces of encounter read more
Public Space Projects

Engaging diverse audiences read more

Network Partners

Facilitating Networks & building links read more


Sharing knowledge across cultures read more

IFAA Festival

Celebrating a Culture of Cultures read more

Art & Young People

Equipping tomorrow’sleaders and giving young people a voice
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Performing arts

Enabling collaborations across disciplines
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IFAA Design platform

Building conscious societies for a sustainable future read more

IFAA Global

Strengthening and facilitating inter-disciplinary cooperation across cultures
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IFAA Contemporary

Presenting the world’s leading international artists
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IFAA Regional

Facilitating intellectual activity, critical reflection and addressing urgent social, environmental & and political realities. read more

IFAA network

Building partnerships & enabling creators
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IFAA Afghanistan

Facilitating creators and preserving cultural heritage
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Strengthening Afghanistan cultural production and facilitating cross-cultural exchange read more

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