Exhibition at Paraplu museum

Artist Initiative Paraplu Fabriek

Artists' Initiative Paraplu Fabriek is situated at the Paraplu Fabriek building, which both serves as a residential house and a place to work. Initially, the initiative was a place where Nijmegen artists from the squatting scene could develop their activities on an irregular basis. Gradually, it grew out to be an exhibition place, where young artists from all over the country and outside, could experiment and show their works.

TArtists' Initiative Paraplu Fabriek is a foundation. Every year they invite a new think-tank to develop a program. In 2008 Paraplu Fabriek partnered with IFAA to help make the international exhibition possible. During the month of December, Paraplu Fabriek offered their exhibition space for two IFAA artists, Keiko Sato Japan / NL and Cheikhou Ba Senegal.

On behalf of IFAA, Thamgidi Foundation would like to thank Paraplu Fabriek, CBKG Arnhem and Nijmegen, Museum of Modern Art in Arnhem and Africa Museum for opening their doors in order to make the international IFAA exhibitions a success. Paraplu Fabriek; www.expoplu.nl, Van Oldenbarneveltstraat 63a 6512 AT Nijmegen (Open for public from: 08-12-2008 until 05 -01-2009)

MMKA Arnhem

Utrechseweg 87,
6812 AA Arnhem
(Open for public from: 04-14 December 2008)

Art works by Cheikhou Ba, Senegal

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Art works by Keiko Sato
Netherlands / Japan