Organization of IFAA 08

The set-up and general implementation is done by Thamgidi Foundation, with the assistance of the IFAA Team which is formed per project and dissolved when the project ends. The international projects are co-ordinated by partner institutions.

Ms. S. Mlotshwa, Artistic director IFAA
Mr. H. T. J. Boerboom, co - Director IFAA
Ms. J. Lichtenburg, Financial director IFAA
Ms. C. Leering, Program officer Arts and Culture Hivos project adviser
Ms. S. Najand, Director InterArt, project adviser and IFAA partner
Ms. M. Zeegers, Project manager GGZ, Secretary
Ms. J. Panhuyzen, Assistant manager
Ms. C. Hoogmans-Acosta, house style
Ms. Y. Broersma, Media and PR coordinator
Ms. C. Aslanyan, Graphic design assistance
Ms. T. Di Micco de Santo, Hospitality
Ms. M. Hamaker, Culinary manager
Ms. D. de Wijze, Secretary
Ms. L. Kang, co – Coordinator
Ms. M. Biesuz, PR
Ms. A. van Kerkhoven, co- Curator, IFAA exhibition 2008
Mr. K. Broersma, Graphic design
Mr. C. van Doorn, Website design, Editor and Technician IFAA 2008