IFAA would like to invite you to join our Friends of IFAA network. This secures you access, connection and privileged insights into the IFAA activities and programs. Friends of IFAA get an exclusive experience ahead of the public and join the official celebration of our Festival Grand opening and our outstanding international exhibition opening.

For €250 Friends of IFAA receive:

• VIP Double pass to all IFAA Exhibition Previews to view the exhibition before the public
• Special invitation to "A taste of Cultures" closing party and ceremony.
• Copy of the official IFAA Catalogue

To become a Friend of IFAA, please send a mail to the Artistic director – S’thabile Mlotshwa

Supporting and making donations to IFAA will enable us to:

• Make the IFAA activities and exhibitions accessible to all
• Create vibrant cultural platforms in different regions of the world that hunger for
Building and Sharing Knowledge • Give visibility to the creative industries in the regions of the world where IFAA takes
place while promoting the Arts internationally
• Promote and facilitate international cross – disciplinary artists exchange
• Build collaborative partnerships that create links between local and international artists
• Expose diverse audiences to the best of international contemporary art
• Promote diversity, mutual understanding, inter-cultural exchange and dialogue
• Develop educational programs for young people through our public program and publications
• Create a platform that can contribute to a productive art circuit- facilitating critical exchange, debates and collaboration.

As an acknowledgement of the generosity from our supporters, IFAA ensures our supporters to have a unique and specialized experience of the IFAA program. IFAA acknowledges generous donations in IFAA publications, on signage and on the corporate and exhibition websites, permanent logo placement on the partner page of the IFAA website.

IFAA Ambassadors and Patrons are an integral part of the organization's network with every relationship highly valued by the organization. In addition to the IFAA programs, IFAA connects our supporters outside the IFAA activities and exhibitions period with international art world networks and visiting art world VIPs. The IFAA international exhibition travels when the IFAA project has ended; this also creates an opportunity for IFAA Ambassadors and Patrons to link up with the contemporary art movement in different parts of the world.

The IFAA Ambassadors and Patrons have a unique experience of the program, securing them access to the exhibitions, artists and our extensive international and national networks. This includes joining a private tour of the exhibition with the Artistic Director, and, where possible, the opportunity to meet the artist(s) to discuss their work, in-depth and privately.

IFAA gratefully appreciates those with the vision to support our projects and show commitment to the role IFAA has in Strengthening Intellectual Activity and in the Building and Sharing of Knowledge across cultures.
Please contact our office or send mail to S’thabile Mlotshwa, artistic director IFAA, to discuss options on how your support can make a difference to IFAA and our projects. You can simply send a mail with a notification of the donation you would like to make to the IFAA office;

Sithabile Mlotshwa
Artistic director
Tel +31 621391015
Email: or