Kiripi Katembo Kinshasa-RDC

About Kiripi

After high school Kiripi spent two years in a technical institute. In his words “ I wanted to become a pilot. But the taste for art quickly caught up with me until I decide to study at the Academy of Fine Arts. Becoming an artist was very important choice in my life. It allowed me to discover the creative potential that existed in me and helped me understand objects and people better. Photography and video has become my specialized form of expression.His interest in taking part in the residency is to continue a project he is currently working on since 2008, it covers environmental issues in urban areas of the equatorial zone. He is interested in meeting artists to share ideas around photography and video.

For Kiripi the importance of art is in its ability to address g dialogue is a vital as a vital part in addressing environmental changes are at the root of many problems in the world. I capture the streets of some towns in the DRC, as if it were a brutal form of poetry. My series of photographs and videos called "Un regard" doesn't leave people indifferent to this problem. For many people it is a reminder and a warning of future dangers.

His interest is incapturing issues relating to the environment and humanity poetic and artistic ways. Iwouldliketo show my work in a public space to help educate people about the dangers of not caring for the earth.Kiripi will begin his residency at the Thamgidi Foundation in the Netherlands. He will then after come to Belgium for the IFAA 2012 project. His residency within the IFAA 2012 in Belgium will begin on the 1 October to 16 December 2012

Project plan for the residency in the Netherlands

Provisional title: "Transit"

The project is a simple look at a situation seen in many cities. I mean the environmental problems in urban areas related to people who live there. The resulting problems are global warming, pollution of water, malaria, typhoid etc. I want to work in these urban place and with volunteer residents who want to speak about this with an artistic form of photography and video.
It is also a new mode of urban expression in which the populace will be able to experiment and allows them to discover their city differently.

From concept to completion, I take care of the installation of works in public spaces with the help of local residents. These works are intended to suggest a poetic look at another world which is nevertheless one in which they live.

Through each of these images I also want to talk about children who are born and grow up with these environmental problems, families who survive in this atmosphere, while others go into exile away from it all. It gives me a way to fight for a more in and report through my photos and videos what appears to be inevitable, everyday each of us called the inhabitants of the earth.