Artists 2012

Marcos Lora Read

Junfeng (Jeff) Ding

Jan Ru Wank

Rob Sweere

Angela de Jesus

Pascal Courcelles

Matthias De Groof


Robert Quint

Keiko Sato

Toufik Medjamia

Kiripi Katembo

Andrea Stultiens

Ivan Izquierdo

Frouwkje Smit

Guy Wouete

Aref Damee

Mansour Ciss

Kevin Dalton Johnson

IFAA 2012 includes: a residency, Silent Sky Project – performances with Rob Sweere, We are the World - community project by Frouwkje Smit, debates, Site Specific Projects by Toufik Medjamia , Ivan Izquierdo and an international exhibition with the focus on alternative / public space. The exhibition locations are in: Louvain-la-Neuve, Ottignies, Mont st Guibert and Corbais. For all information about IFAA 2012 go to info point: Forum des Halles Tourism Office-Inforville, Louvain la Neuve.

Residency Artists

Kiripi Katembo, Congo
Angela de Jesus, South Africa
Keiko Sato, Japan / Netherlands
Matthias De Groof – Belgium
Marcos Lora Read Santa Domingo
Junfeng Ding, China
Jan-RuWan, USA / Taiwan

Silent Sky Project
Performances with Rob Sweere

Community project
We are the World by Frouwkje Smit

Artists invited for Site specific projects
• Toufik.Medjamia, Algeria France
• Ivan Izquierdo, Spain

Exhibiting artists
• Olivie - Netherlands
• Guy Woute – Cameroon / Belgium
• Misheck Masamvu - Zimbabwe
• Frouwkje Smit - Netherlands
• Kevin Dalton Johnson - England
• Andrea Stultiens - Netherlands
• Aref Damee – Afghanistan
• Rob Sweere, Netherlands
• Robert Quint – Belgium
• Pascal Courcelles – Belgium
Including all the participating artists