Board of Trustees

What is important to us is to have a board which consists of respectable men and women representing all parts of society and individuals actively involved in promoting the development of arts and culture in the Gelderland region and internationally. The combination of the Arts sector and the corporate sector representing the board creates a driving force that not only acts as a monitoring entity but also ensures that IFAA is run transparently and successfully.

Ms. M. Westen (Curator at the Museum for Modern Art in Arnhem)
Ms. C. M. S. Eisenburger (Director Africa Museum) in 2008
Mr. S. van Wely (Organization and Project Adviser, Vijfadvies)
Mr. Ö. Saglam (Director Abai)
Mr. M. van Thiel (Director Liqit)
Ms L. Brand-Corstius (former Director of the Museum for Modern Art)
Mr. E. Meijering (Risk manager Essent)
Mr. D. Daniels (Psycho-analyst)
Ms. A. Mullink (Financial director of Media Art Institute)
Ms. S. van Ketelhodt (Director, Match code)