IFAA Art Platform welcomes driven, adventurous and enthusiastic individuals interested in becoming volunteers or taking internships during the International Festival and Artist in Residency Projects that take place in different cities across the globe. Below are a variety of reasons IFAA welcomes volunteers into our organization:

• The International Festival and Artist in residency is a dynamic platform with a lot to offer; is fun to be a part of and gives you the opportunity to work close to renowned artists, connect and immerse yourself with different cultures in an open and supportive environment.
• The core of IFAA is in the Building and Sharing of Knowledge through our international cross – disciplinary and cross – cultural artist in residency program. Because of this, working with us will give you the opportunity to gain experience in the arts industry through working in a dynamic and diverse team.
• As an international cross disciplinary project whose focus is on the Building and Sharing of Knowledge, education is of great value to IFAA making internships the integral part of this.

The Benefits of becoming a volunteer/intern include that;

• You gain valuable and worthwhile experience.
• Working with IFAA will give you the opportunity to contribute your knowledge and ideas to the development and growth of IFAA
• You will become part of a stimulating environment and a dynamic team and your contribution will be greatly valued.
• You will have an identified role in the organization and can use this educational experience for building your own career.
• You will also have the opportunity to work in a very flexible and adaptable way.

Internships & Volunteering in IFAA

Interns and Volunteers can be involved in IFAA in a variety of capacities. This could be through a formal internship with a university or college program, a day a week as a volunteer to gain an insight into our workings, or anything in between.

Volunteers are managed in two ways, by the Host Institution of IFAA and by the Artistic director of IFAA. We work out who is the best fit for various roles and positions. We also endeavour to provide the best possible support, supervision and guidance to ensure a valuable and useful experience for all involved.

What are your Roles and Responsibilities?

• Marketing: publicity, public relations, merchandise, hospitality, online communications, and events management
• Education and Public Programs: research and writing for different audiences
• Exhibitions: general assistance, research, installation, artists assistant, translation
• Administration: research, library and archives, image referencing and database management.
• Website: online publishing, design, video/audio production, online promotion - social networks.