IFAA is looking for visionary and respectable individuals and institutions that actively support / are interested in promoting and strengthening the Building and Sharing of Knowledge across cultures, on an international level.

These individuals form the IFAA Patrons who play a vital role in promoting the international IFAA projects through contributing in monetary value to the promotion of Arts and Culture nationally and internationally. IFAA patrons pledge a substantial amount of money and enjoy being part of a small group of like-minded patrons who are the first to meet artists, visiting dignitaries, networking opportunities and preview the exhibition with the Artistic Director.

IFAA is growing rapidly bringing together local and internationally renowned artists, facilitating the building of networks and partnerships and creating opportunities for discovering new artistic talent. It also opens doors for international artists exchange and collaborations. Besides this the international festival gives a lot of visibility to Arts and Culture not only in the region or country where IFAA takes place but also reflects the cultural wealth of the Host Country.

For detailed information on becoming an IFAA Ambassador or IFAA Patron, please contact S’thabile Mlotshwa the artistic director.

The email is:


or call +31621391015