ResArtis delegation visit to IFAA 2008 - Sharing Knowledge, Connecting Cultures & Institutions through Creativity.

The long awaited visit of the Res Artis delegation on the 12th of October was a buzz, livened by arts organizations and institutions from 6 continents, eager to meet the artists in dialogue and the IFAA partners. The delegation visit was organized by Thamgidi Foundation – in cooperation with Major sponsor Slak, for the ResArtis – IFAA partnership as the optional program of the 2008 Res Artis General Conference.

The purpose of the visit was to meet with Dakar Res Artis Award winners who took part in the IFAA project, to expand the network and develop possible partnerships. Since IFAA was formed after the first delegation visit of Res Artis to the Dakart biennale in 2006, it was fitting for Thamgidi Foundation to partner with Res Artis for the 2008 Res Artis conference and in the realization of IFAA 2008 project.

Thamgidi Foundation started IFAA after the first delegation visit of Res Artis ( to the 2006 Dakart biennale in Senegal

The visit of Res Artis was the first step aimed at implementing long lasting contacts with Africa and to increase memberships from this region of the world.During this visit, eleven fully funded residencies were awarded to biennial artists by the Res Artis members in attendance. Among the delegation was Thamgidi Foundation who gave two fully funded grants. As an organization initiated by an artist from Zimbabwe, Thamgidi Foundation is aware of the need to build strong platforms that facilitate and strengthen artists in residency exchange.

It is with this reason that Thamgidi Foundation built the IFAA Art platform with the purpose of continuing the dialogue and to strengthen the links of international cross-cultural exchange that began in 2006 at the Dakart biennale.
Artists who received the Res Artis Award in 2006 at the Dakart biennale were the first to take part in IFAA 2008. The visit of Res Artis to the Dakart biennale in Senegal initiated by Ngone Fall, thus paved the way to create strong links of artists in residency exchange between artistsfrom Africa and Europe to begin with.
Since inception, IFAA continues to strengthen cross- cultural artists in residency exchange through the IFAA project that now takes place in different cities around the world and also through collaborative projects among the artists that develop beyond the IFAA project. This however would not be possible without the IFAA partners.
The creation of IFAA Art Platform through partnerships serves an important and vital role in strengthening collaborations not only among cultural institutions, but makes it possible to easily build, share and exchange knowledge. It also serves as a bridge for cross – cultural exchanges between artists from across the globe.
The 2008 visit thus began with a warm cup of coffee and a delicious piece of pie from Dudok followed by an official welcome by the Head of the Cultural Department in Arnhem Alderwoman Rita Weda. This was followed a speech from Slak and a tour of the IFAA artists studios guided by the students of Artez Art Academy.
The day ended with a mouth watering lunch which reflected the spirit of what was to come during the IFAA Festival. A Celebration of a Culture of Cultures!

Meet our 2008 team, the people who made it happen. A special thanks goes to Yus Broersma, 2008 IFAA Pr manager & project coordinator, Marysia Hamaker, Fashion Designer, 2008 IFAA Catering Manager and great cook - whose support in the organization of IFAA 08 made it possible to realize the project. Rosie Mills a dear friend and owner Awesome-Housing is an amazing cook who supported IFAA by making most of our devine desserts for the ResArtis delegation visit. EunJoo Kim a dear friend and amazing cook as well supported IFAA and brought mouth watering dishes from South Korea. Not forgetting my amazing former students Violet onderwater and Indira Hamaker who’s assistance in organizing this day is much appreciated. My special thanks also goes to all the other caterers who’s amazing dishes made this day complete, and to all the other people who assisted in the preparation of this day that I might have forgotten to mention.