A World of Art? IFAA debate at LUX Nijmegen

IFAA Debates 2008 Arnhem

Debate on the artistic exchange between artists from Gelderland, the Diaspora and Africa

How internationally oriented is the art world in Gelderland? What happens if artists from Gelderland and from abroad work together? In order to stimulate this cooperation, IFAA – International Festival for the Arts Arnhem - has organized a residence program in which artists from Gelderland , the Diaspora and from Africa work together. In a debate in LUX Nijmegen the artists will present their work and talk about their cooperation, their differences in background and how this affects their work. Contributions to the debate come from acclaimed artists Rob Sweere, Frouwkje Smit, Kevin Dalton Johnson (UK), Mansour Ciss Kanakassy (Senegal), Keiko Sato (Japan), Andrea Stultiens (NL), Pelagie Gbaguidi (Benin), Misheck Masamvu (Zimbabwe). Further refletion on the meaning of international artistic exchange and cooperation comes from London-based curator Eline van der Vlist. Chairman of the debate is Chris Keulemans, former director of the Balie, Amsterdam.

Above are the artists presentations beginning on the left hand side with Kevin Dalton Johnson together with Rob Sweere, followed by Pelagie Gbaguidi. The third presentation was made by Mansour Ciss and the last by Keiko Sato. This IFAA debate was organized by LUX on behalf of the Province Gelderland in cooperation with Global debates; see www.globaldebat.nl.