IFAA collaborations

The fictional idea of being connected – by Marcos Lora Read

Visual exchange and the impact it has on human interactions – by Angela de Jesus

The same generation and the same influences, different places and different histories, a dialogue between two artists; Ivan & Toufik on communication.

Matthias De Groof – On Communication of Knowledge

Keiko Sato – How does information break the communication between people?

Junfeng Ding – The role of language in communication

Analysis of the physical, spiritual and moral image of a place – by Kiripi Katembo Siku

The basic human need & common ground – by Jan Ru Wan IFAA 2012

A Feeling of the World – Thank you IFAA by J. Dalemans

A need to connect…Sithabile speaks about the core of IFAA – as a breading ground of ideas, learning & knowledge sharing